How Fargro enhanced their employee journey with Breathe's Learn module

"The Learn module is easy-to-use, interactive & informative"

Fargro are B2B wholesalers to the horticultural industry in the UK. 

Amanda Wheeler

With more than 75 years’ experience of supporting growers, the team have developed deep knowledge & expertise across every horticultural sector. 

With close to 70 employees, Amanda is the HR Manager at Fargro, who rolled Breathe out to the company shortly after she joined a few years ago. 

Overcoming e-learning challenges

The team at Fargro had previously used other e-learning platforms, but with functionality issues and a lack of content offering, employees were becoming noticeably disengaged.

Amanda soon realised that these solutions weren’t right for the business and started exploring alternative options. She knew that not everyone at the company was 100% confident with technology, so she needed a solution that was simple & easy to use. 

When Breathe launched the Learn module, Amanda concluded that because the team were already used to the Breathe system - and could use their existing logins to access the Learn module - it would be a seamless replacement for their current learning system.

"The fact that the Learn module is easy-to-use, interactive & informative meant that rolling it out to our people was effortless, and it helps our employees learning journey in bite-size, time-efficient courses.”

Getting the employee journey right from the start

Amanda & the team use Breathe's Learn module to successfully onboard new starters at Fargro, particularly when it comes to office health & safety. The interactive courses can be completed independently and help to deliver an engaging induction plan. 

Rather than providing new starters with multiple documents to read through, Amanda is able to send them away with engaging & interactive courses for them to complete - ensuring the employee journey gets off to the best start possible. 

The module has also proved useful for employees stepping into manager or supervisor roles, where Amanda will assign courses such as 'Time & Priority Management' or 'Team Recognition', for example.

"It's really easy to tailor courses to the needs of different members of staff"

So, by switching to Breathe's Learn module, Amanda has transformed the way that mandatory training is delivered - contributing to a top-notch employee experience right from the start.

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