Intuitive timesheet software designed especially for SMEs

Time tracking made simple

Effortless time tracking

Help keep your business compliant by capturing and storing timesheets electronically.

Record who's worked and when, approve timesheets instantly and eliminate manual work.

No more loose paper, lost timesheets or wasted time.

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Self-service functionality

Give your team autonomy and let them submit their own timesheets, or record them automatically as your people clock in and out with the Timeclock tool.

Approve your timesheets in just one click - individually or in bulk - and give yourself back valuable time.

Planning & budgeting the easy way

With a useful weekly summary, you'll have hours worked and budget spent per day - all at a glance.

Keep track of hours worked and compare them against your team's rota in one place with Breathe's handy timesheet filters.

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Time-saving automated reports

Breathe's timesheet software makes it easy to report on hours worked by location, employee or position.

Name your reports and keep them saved in one place so you can access them next time in just one click.

You can even set up automated report schedules and choose the day & time you’d like them to run – whether that’s daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly. 

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