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Use our HR Analytics Software to uncover data-driven insights to improve your HR processes

Make sense of employee data with Breathe’s insightful HR reporting feature

Storing people's data securely is important, but Breathe can help you do much more than that. Our comprehensive reporting tool interprets your data in a way that lets you understand it, empowering you to make smarter decisions and take control over your HR admin.

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Import HR data, fast

Getting your existing HR data into Breathe is pain-free thanks to our easy import template file. It lets you quickly add people's details like email addresses, job roles, and more, before uploading to Breathe. If you find you need help, or perhaps you simply don’t have the time to do it yourself, we’ll happily take care of the import process for you with our handy concierge service.

Stay on top of burnout

Eliminate the need to dig through reports to identify employees at risk of burnout with Breathe's burnout monitor*.

With a visual report, it's easy to identify employees who haven't taken holiday, and to send them a quick nudge to encourage them before they start getting burnt out.

*This feature is only available on Regular plans and above

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Absence reports

Run reports and export with ease

Within Breathe, running reports on sickness, finance, time logs, and more couldn’t be easier. These rich reports help you make sense of your HR information and ensure the actions you take are data-driven. Exporting reports from Breathe is as easy as clicking a button, too. You can even send reports from Breathe right into Excel for effortless customisation and further integrations.

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Spot trends, improve processes

Our reports database enables you to spot key trends and act on them before they become an issue, leading to smarter, faster business decision-making. All reports can be filtered to show only the information you need, saving you from the stress of data overload and allowing you to focus on just the important stuff.

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Centralise employee data

If you can get online, you can access your HR and personnel data – easily and securely.


Observe absence

Easily monitor absences and sickness with the manager dashboard, central calendar and reports functionality.

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