Stress-free team and shift management

Enjoy seamless scheduling & team communication

Everything at a glance

We know team management and shift planning can be a real pain.

That's where Breathe's Rota, Time & Attendance module can help.

With your people - and their shifts - available at a glance, you can manage your team the easy way.

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Communication made easy

With handy email and in-app notifications, as well as super-easy navigation, everyone's always on the same page.

You can even customise notifications for each type of user and tailor the system to your organisation's needs.

Plus, because Breathe is cloud-based, you and your team can access your rota and the team calendar on any device, wherever you are.

A personal touch

Each team-member has their own personal dashboard where they can accept, decline or swap shifts with their team-mates.

They can even set their own availability ready for when you build your next rota.

Give your people the autonomy they deserve and they'll feel valued and trusted within your team - leading to a boost in morale and productivity.

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View and manage shifts, anywhere

Keeping your people up to date with their shifts couldn't be easier with the Breathe - People Portal mobile app - for iOS and Android.

With Breathe's handy self-service app, your people can view their shifts, receive any changes to their rota and clock in & out - all on the go.

Leave rota admin behind

Discover the benefits of Breathe's Rota, Time & Attendance module and eliminate pesky manual tasks - for good.