Case Study: Breathe Software Partnership with HR Central

"Breathe has helped us cement strong relationships with our clients on a long-term basis. We haven't looked back since" 

HR Central's Managing Director, Rebecca Woolmington, explains how she discovered Breathe through a Partner Referral, and since then, has grown relationships and improved her offering to clients.


0:03.7 I started HR Central in March 2006, working with really small clients and people that didn't have any HR resource. It was usually just problem resolution and doing a little bit of recruitment, then my client base grew and grew and grew.

0:18.4 I came across Breathe from a referral from another Breathe partner, I was talking to them about how they managed their HR information systems and I noticed they were talking about Breathe a lot.

0:29.0 I spoke to Georgina at Breathe and she told me all about the the Partner Program. It sounded great and we started looking at it, we did a bit of training with Breathe and we haven't looked back really, we've been really successful in getting most of our clients onto the platform.

0:44.2 We've felt really supported and part of their team as well, which has been really great. We've been introduced to other Breathe partners too, so we've made some really good friends in the HR industry.

0:53.8 I really love Bethan, she's very supportive and as an Account Manager, she's just fantastic. She's always on the phone, and always there to listen to when we have a problem. She's also been really supportive when we had a leaver within the business, by helping us set up all sorts of systems, helping us with loads of advice and she just became an extension of HR Central for a period of time until we sorted out our next hire.

1:16.4 Its been a really fantastic way of obtaining clients that stay with us over a period of time. So, instead of us going in as an HR Consultancy and do problem resolution and then coming away again, it's a way of solving the problem and then having a longer-term relationship with our clients because they have the system and they come back to us for different functionality.

1:39.1 For example, I have a client at the moment who's wanting to use the system for performance management and we're able to help them with that and support them through it, so we come at an extension of their management team and their HR functions.

1:48.8 Breathe has helped us cement relationships with our clients on a long-term basis. My favorite thing about Breathe is the functionality, it's got a big-system-feel, it seems to satisfy all of our clients needs, so however they operate, whatever they're working patterns are, however flexible their employees work, the system can cater for all of that.