Park City Consulting

"I'd recommend it to anybody. It's cost-effective, easy-to-use and fantastic value".


0:08.7: Park City was founded in 1998. The original model was predicated on a HR face-to-face, very personalized service.

0:15.9: And then really if you skip forward 20 years, that that gap in the marketplace is probably wider than ever.

0:26.4: I love people, dealing with people, finding people's solutions. At Park City,  what we're really good at is understanding the director's corporate strategy, where they want to take the business, what they want to achieve and then making that happen through HR strategy and people solutions.

0:44.4: You end up with a client having a huge metal filing cabinet with employee files inside them with lots and lots of paper.

0:46.8: We were searching and shopping around for HR software, we came across Breathe and discovered that actually it met all of our needs and those of our clients and therefore we decided to partner with Breathe as an HR software expert.

1:01.6: Everything is at your finger-tips, it's easy-to-find all the records, you don't need to then pull through several paper files.

1:10.7: I know it's saved time for every single client because it's one click to find anything. I love it, I love talking to people about it, it really is a great system and I'd recommend it to anybody.

1:24.6: It's cost-effective, it's easy to use and a fantastic value add I think.

1:24.6: It wasn't trying to replace an HR manager - technology should enable the people to be able to meet, have discussions that have information and data that's up-to-date, that's real, that's compliant.

1:41.1: The technology doesn't replace that interaction - it can't replace our interaction. It needs to support and be a facilitator of that.

1:49.3: The business owners can be anywhere in the world, they can go onto their smartphone and access their employee records and information wherever they are in the world and it's all held nice and safe in the cloud.

1:59.9: It's now part of our package of services with our clients.

2:03.1: The team are friendly, they support us really, really well and we get on really well.

2:11.1: You do business with people that you like and trust, as long as they deliver the results - which which Breathe does.