“Breathe is so easy. It does what it says on the tin. It’s perfect for SMEs.”

Breathe Partner Programme - Breathe Partner - Troy business services

The Challenge

Troy Business Services Ltd provides services for SMEs such as payroll, HR, management reporting and accounting. Their mission is to help lift the burden from small business owners who may be juggling these jobs themselves. They could be working into their evenings and weekends, or even putting it off until it becomes overwhelming.

HR Advisor Katie was finding herself bogged-down with employee admin, using complicated manual methods such as spreadsheets, post-it notes and wall charts which took up too much time and lacked security.

Katie was in desperate need of a new way to managing her admin so she could spend less time on employee admin and more on all her other HR Advisor duties.

The Solution

Whilst searching for a better way, Katie was drawn in by Breathe’s no-obligation 14-day free trial and after taking advantage of this, she was impressed with the ease of the system and the impressive support provided by the Breathe team. Breathe simply ticked all the boxes, especially for holiday management, recruitment and reporting. Katie was delighted that she’d found an answer to her prayers.

The Result

Katie soon went ahead and signed up for a regular Breathe account. Now her employee personal data is kept safe, in one place, her processes are GDPR compliant and she no longer has to worry about sensitive employee data being stored in emails, draws or left on desks.

Katie often produces reports for clients so Breathe’s intuitive reporting module has made this area of her job a breeze and saved her bags of valuable time. She no longer faces the struggle of collecting data from multiple sources like she once had been.

But it's not only Katie who’s reaping the benefits of Breathe - the employees also love the system. They’re so glad Katie chose to swap spreadsheets for software and have been commenting on just how much more functional, easy to use, safe and secure and jargon free Breathe is.

Not only are Troy Business Services using Breathe to manage their own people admin, they've also signed up to Breathe's free Partner Programme so they can help manage their client's Breathe accounts remotely.

This has allowed them to enhance their service offering by helping them with the day-to-day admin as well as with HR Advice. They now have easy access to their client's employee data and can upload up-to-date documentation, analyse reports and support them wherever they need it.

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